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We are a boutique social media agency that helps brands sell more through social media, content marketing, lead funnels and digital marketing. We cherry-pick and focus on high performing strategies and effective social selling systems to supercharge sales for your business.

The sales and marketing game has changed. The old sales call has been replaced by connecting with your customers online. Every day new industries are being disrupted by social media and our goal is to help our clients thrive in this shifting landscape. With Talent Branded you have a partner constantly looking for ways connect and build relationships directly with your consumer. 

No Long Term Contracts. Month To Month. Low Risk Pricing.

Your Customer Has Moved Online (Have You?)

Around 42% of U.S. consumers have searched & purchased products or services online.

Over 1/3 of people aged 18-39 shop online at least once a week.

Mobile payments for online goods & services will grow to 2.07 billion users in 2019.  

  •  Reach new customers
  •  Create Leads why you sleep
  •  Stop wasting time cold calling

About Talent Branded

We Pull Out All The Stops To Increase Sales & Awareness For Growing Companies

We have been putting together social media sales and awareness campaigns for celebrity brands and multi-million dollar companies for years. We've taken the skills we've learned from working with them and put together a service that provides you with a world class creative team with a low risk performance based pricing model perfect for companies just like yours. Through the power and reach of social media, you can now compete on a level playing field. The cost of reaching a larger audience is no longer prohibitive. The key to higher sales is having the right components and creative.

WARNING: Because of the nature of this service we only take a small handful of clients per month, so we can be 100% sure we can deliver the best service and results.

Who Is Right For Talent Branded?





Talent Branded Services

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

There is no more specific way to target and connect with potential customers than using Facebook ads. Billions of people willing give information to social media that is accessible to marketers. This all but guarantees that not only does a brand's ads reach the right people, but those people WANT to hear from those brands as well. 

Social Selling Strategy Team

Strategy is the glue that binds every campaign. Who is the proper target? Where can they be found? What are their problems and how can we solve them? Our Social Selling team knows the answers to these questions, combining the rest of these components into a high effective sales machine, giving you the sales process you need.. 

  Sales Funnels That Work

A sales funnel is the process where potential customers become sales. Not all funnels are equal. The process needs to be constantly examined and streamlined, honed to more easily meet the objections and answer them, creating more sales. Talent Branded has already done the heavy lifting, having designed multiple sales funnels. We know what works.

Amazing Creative

After a solid strategy, the key to success in social media advertising is eye-catching creative elements. The attention span of your audience is short, but people will linger on ads that challenge their expectations. Talent Branded creates unique graphic and video content that are designed to entertain, while educating they're audience. 

Online Brand Management

Some companies don't have the time or resources to focus on running the brand from a marketing stand point. Instead of funding a whole department (and covering the costs associated with doing that), they hire Talent Branded to make sure all elements of their online presence gets executed properly.

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What Can You Do With Talent Branded (Besides Making Money)?

Reduce Sales Cost

Reducing sales costs means higher profitability. Social Selling streamlines your sales process by increasing your ability to reach people interested in what you do and/or are selling. Instead of trying to reach a broad audience with a generic message, we'll create specific advertising designed to appeal to your most desired customer. And we can do it for a lot less money than if you did it yourself because we already know how to optimize campaigns.

Attract New Customers

Growth hinges on a company being able to bring in more and more customers. Social Selling will bring in new leads to your sales team. Not only that, but these will be warm leads. They will already be interested in your service/product. Your sales cycle will be shortened, allowing your team to focus on what's most important, providing your service.

Create Brand Awareness 

Staying top of mind, especially when your competition has more resources than you, is not easy. But it's not impossible either. Having a clever ad campaign running on social media will make your company ever present, even if the creative doesn't go viral. This is especially true as you add in more layers, like content marketing & email marketing to bolster the effect of the ads.

Create a Virtual Lead Machine

The challenge in your company is finding new customers. Social media provides the opportunity of having them come to you, not just the other way around. Increase your incoming leads by setting up and running a virtual lead machine. Our Social Selling team can do the outreach for you, increasing the efficiency of your sales machine, allowing you to focus on closing deals!

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